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What is diamond wedding?

The 60th anniversary of marriage, originated in the United States, is called the diamond marriage, which is also the last grand personalized necklace marriage commemoration in life.Now it is widely used to describe long term marriage throughout the world.

How many years custom necklaces is the diamond wedding?

A diamond lasts forever.Marriage 60th anniversary is the most precious and joyous wedding ceremony in life.People often call loving each other for 60 years as a diamond wedding.Diamonds are the most precious stones in the world.We call marriage a diamond, so we can see that the diamond marriage is precious and rare.Because there is nothing in the world that lasts longer than a diamond, people call the sixty-fifth anniversary of marriage a diamond wedding.

Diamond wedding of celebrities

60th anniversary of diamond wedding is very rare, especially the most notable celebrities.In memory of the 60 years of wind and storms that they walked hand in hand.Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip celebrated their diamond wedding in London five years ago.Elizabeth II was the first British monarch to have "diamond wedding" during his reign.

The queen and Prince Philip received praise and blessings from the diamond wedding ceremony.
Britain's Archbishop of Canterbury praised the Queen and Prince Philip for the pressure of public attention, but 60 years of hard work proved that they were "loyal and creative" couples.

What gift do you give to diamond wedding?

Diamond wedding ceremony is only once a lifetime. It is very precious.The diamond marriage is the costume jewelry biggest wedding celebration in a couple's life. It is rare and the grandest one without regret in name necklace this life.If you have elders who have diamond wedding in their relatives and friends, they really need to prepare a gift for them.

In addition to giving blessings, flowers, of course, there are also gifts to represent health, or to represent the eternal diamond marriage can make the elderly diamond marriage more brilliant.In fact, the more important thing is the regard, you can go back to accompany them more often, or send some gifts that you personally purchased or handmade, it can make their diamond wedding more colorful.]]>
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